Casta Line
Trout Farms

More About Casta Line Trout Farms:

Casta Line Trout Farms, one of the oldest trout farms in Virginia, had its beginnings in 1965. Operations began with just 2 ponds dedicated to fee-fishing. By 1977, the live-stocking and wholesale business had grown to the point that all efforts were devoted to those venues, and Casta Line no longer offers fee-fishing.

In 1992, the Virginia State Fair began judging farm-raised fish as part of its livestock judging program. Since its inception, Casta Line Trout Farms has come away with Blue Ribbons every year, including Best of Show Ribbons for their Brook Trout and Golden Trout.

Casta Line Trout Farms is a member of the United States Trout Farmers Association, Virginia Trout Farmers Association, Virginia Fish Farmers Association, West Virginia Aquaculture Association, American Fisheries Society, Virginia Farm Bureau Federation, and the Virginia Agribusiness Council.

Managing Partner, Bryan Plemmons, has been appointed by the past three Virginia governors to serve on the Virgina Aquaculture Advisory Board. He was the first president of the Virginia Trout Farmers Association and served in that capacity for its first five years. He remains as President Ex officio. He also serves as a board member on several of the above named associations. In the years 2000-2003, Mr. Plemmons will serve as Virginia's representative for the American Farm Bureau Federation Aquaculture Advisory Committee.

Casta Line Trout Farms also boasts of its other production and farm managers, all of whom have been employed here at least 13 years. Production and Distribution Manager, Junior F. Campbell has been employed by Casta Line for almost 30 years.